From imagination to reality

Proposals for implementing bonds of linkage and intercommunication

José Pedro Sousa Ribeiro


Metamorphoses constitutes a platform for contact and the presentation of projects and ideas designed for implementing and sharing.

The name Metamorphoses was attributed out of the feeling that every creative process proves open and under transformation, whether the origins of the ideas, the influences, the references for transformation and through to their respective implementation.

Within a broader sense, this considers life itself as a process undergoing metamorphosis, along a continuum of passage and transformation and, to this end, this also conveys a project for life, exploring the different facets of being, reflective and creative, through sharing content to establishing bonds of linkage and intercommunication.

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May 2016

Proposals for implementation

Metamorphoses is now undergoing presentation precisely due to having an inaugural project to propose as an example and result of the transformation process described above. From imagination to reality, seeking the symbiosis of interests in the real world so that such may become real and potentially able to achieve, or otherwise, its own completion and sustainability.

This is INFINITE FRAME, a modular system of frames that enables their mutual aggregation to thus create panels of frames with infinite configurations, depending only on the number and sizes of the frames in place. Incorporating its own process of metamorphoses, this will be put out to a crowdfunding campaign in order to obtain the necessary initial financing so as to launch the business with this, also representing an example of that sought after and believed in as a current democratic and honest means of testing an idea, in this case for a product, sounding out the environment that then acts to decide whether or not a particular idea shall advance at that moment.

The project may be viewed via the campaign link on INDIEGOGO or via its website INFINITE FRAME, which will be its future sales site should the fundraising campaign achieve success.

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